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Our top-rated office cleaning services in Houston are perfect match for your requirements. Earthly Maids can arrange a team of professional office cleaners for a one off or daily service. It all depends on what you need. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more detailed information about our office cleaning prices in Houston today!

Why Earthly Maids?

Earthly Maids is the best affordable Natural Cleaning solution based in Houston, Tx & surrounding areas. We can give you a deeper clean using our high-temperature cleaning system and natural cleaning products. We utilize the latest technology in non-harmful Hospital Grade steamers. Our vacuums suction down to the base of the carpet, floor or upholstery while pumping back pure fresh hospital grade air. We are your #1 Green Cleaning Service in Houston Tx. Schedule today! 

Office Cleaning Service

Though often overlooked, the cleaning products that are used at your business are affecting the health of your employees. The cleaning staff and visitors in your office included. The chemicals found in common cleaning products can have many negative impacts, including contributing to asthma, cancer, and increased birth defects (according to the Environmental Working Group’s “EWG” Cleaning Supplies and Your Health). Our High-Temperature steamer is ideal for daycare centers, hospice, hospitals, nurseries, homes, clinics, and offices.

A clean home is a happy home!

Benefit from our professional eco-friendly cleaning service in Houston, TX.
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